D5Courier Integrations

Allowing instant and integrated delivery pass through from your online store and ordering system to D5Courier's booking and shipping system



We're the first and only e-commerce delivery service in Kamloops that offers same day, full-service fulfillment.

We'll take care of everything — from picking up your products at your warehouse or commercial storefront, to delivering them right to your customer's door.

You can focus on what you do best: selling products. We'll handle the rest.

We have a unique way of combining local businesses and online retailers that makes us the ideal solution for your company's needs.

We're able to deliver your products on time and ready to go, every single time.

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  • Woocommerce store integration that allows for sameday delivery of your store merchandise by D5Courier drivers.

  • GloriaFood/Globalfood integration. Our drivers will deliver your food or grocery items automatically as they're ready through your GloriaFood application

  • FlipDish integration. Your orders are created automatically in our system as they are selected for delivery.

  • Excel integration. Supply us an excel file with your pickup/delivery information the night before delivery day, we'll integrate the stops automatically into your account for the day of sameday delivery.

  • Shopify integration. Your local Kamloops deliveries can be automatically created in our system as jobs, as soon as your shipment is ready to go.

Do you want to make sure your customers get their orders as quickly and efficiently as possible?

If so, then we have the solution for you. This is an e-commerce integration that allows your customers to place orders on your website, which are then delivered by D5Courier.

Simply put, our product will ensure that your customers never have to worry about getting their orders from you in a timely and efficient manner again!

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Share what your needs are for delivery and we'll do our best to exceed your expectations.

Doug Lavoie

Owner - D5Courier