Covid-19 Safety Policies and Guidelines

We're taking the health and safety of our delivery team and our courier customers seriously.

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From the very start of the Covid-19 pandemic, D5Courier had enacted safety guidelines well before WorksafeBC came out with working guidelines for the courier industry.

We have further refined and adjusted our working guidelines to meet and exceed the guidelines set forth by WorksafeBC for courier and transportation industries.

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No Signatures
We won't require you to sign on our devices unless neccessary, nor share our safe spaces.
D5Courier Electronic Booking
Paperless Shipments
All shipments are processed digitally, so there's no more paper waybills or passing clipboards back and forth!
Kamloops Covid Courier
Drivers assess their health daily, wear masks as needed, and carry hand sanitizer on board.

D5Courier Covid-19 Safety Plan:

As a safety precaution, our drivers will be maintaining contactless delivery and may not obtain digital signatures. We will record the name of the individual the parcel was handed to into the POD (Proof Of Delivery) until further notice. If you have special requirements to follow at your home or business during this time, please let us know in the "Add Note" section, and we will do our best to follow your precautions and procedures.

We have temporarily suspended our services for businesses and residential deliveries who do not comply with our agreements for physical distancing and will do so at our discretion.

Our Drivers will use their own discretion upon entering residential buildings (Apartments, homes, and condominiums) until further notice. Please provide phone numbers for shipper and receiver so we can contact them to meet the driver to pickup the package outside the building entrance if needed. You agree upon ordering, to arrange for physical distancing to be observed at both the pickup and delivery points.

Complying with, and exceeding WorkSafeBC Safe working guidelines for Covid-19:
"Adjust practices for delivering the package to a person to ensure physical distancing is maintained. For example, where possible, drop packages at the door or outside buildings and avoid contact with other people (e.g. customers)." We are maintaining this guideline by requiring physical distancing and not entering businesses and residential buildings whenever possible.
Guideline: "Communicate that a delivery has been made by phone call, text or email and avoid touching any surfaces (e.g., door bell)." We are maintaining this guideline by communicating with our customers at time of pickup and delivery, through either phone, text message, or e-mail notifications.
Guideline: "Adjust practices for proof of delivery so that, where possible, in-person signatures can be avoided and online confirmation of receipt of package can be used instead." We are maintaining this guideline  through the use of online booking, electronic waybills, electronic receipts, and electronic billing. This is supported with contactless pickup and delivery, and not requiring signatures.

Our drivers will be wearing masks where they feel necessary, though the last mandated action by the Provincial Health Order for masks to be worn in public spaces was repealed. As well, our drivers will be completing a health self-assessment prior to each shift for D5Courier. Each vehicle also has hand sanitizer on board for the drivers use.

Before you place your order, please make sure to agree with these precautions to help keep yourselves and our drivers safe. At this time we have the right to refuse any orders deemed unsafe and could be a potential threat to our drivers or our customers. NOTE: If our phone line is busy. Please either text us at our number, use our online chat, or our email ( to communicate.

You can always place your order online directly on the website at anytime. Thank you for your cooperation.