Fuel Surcharge

Check our current rate and our methodology for Fuel Surcharges on your shipments.

Fuel Surcharge Table
Price of Fuel Percentage Applied
$0-$1.49 0%
$1.50-$1.60 2.8%
$1.61-$1.70 5.6%
$1.71-$1.80 8.4%
$1.81-$1.90 11.2%
$1.91-$2.00 14%
$2.01-$2.10 16.8%
$2.11-$2.20 19.6%
$2.21-$2.30 22.4%
$2.31-$2.40 25.2%
$2.41-$2.50 28%
$2.51-$2.60 30.8%
$2.61-$2.70 33.6%
$2.71-$2.80 36.4%
$2.81-$2.90 39.2%
$2.91-$3.00 42%

How is the Fuel Surcharge determined?

Fuel surcharges are applied according to the above table.

The fuel surcharge is applied to the total price of your shipment, before GST.

The fuel surcharge is determined based on the average price per liter of Regular Unleaded fuel in Kamloops as reported by The Kent Group for the previous month. We use this information to consult our price chart and determine the fuel surcharge for the current month. Please note that this surcharge is subject to change on a monthly basis and is determined based on the cost of fuel from the prior month.

As a courier service, we are aware that the price of fuel is one of the most crucial aspects of our business. It can be challenging to keep our clients' prices stable given the volatility of fuel prices. We have included a fuel surcharge to our pricing structure to address the issue.

In order to best serve you, we wish to reassure you that the the fuel surcharge was thoughtfully designed. In order to counterbalance the expense of fuel, we have taken the effort to assess the cost of fuel and estimate the proper amount to add to our prices. With the help of this fee, we will be able to maintain the excellent standard of service you have come to expect from us without having to charge for the whole cost of fuel.

Additionally, we want to reassure our customers that we will continuously track fuel prices and modify the surcharge as necessary. This indicates that the surcharge will be flexible and alter in response to fluctuations in gasoline costs. Additionally, we will be open and honest about the surcharge, always informing our clients of it and providing a justification.

We apologise for any trouble that the surcharge may have caused some of our clients.

While keeping an eye on the costs related to our business operations, we are dedicated to giving our customers the finest service we can. We think the fuel surcharge is the most effective approach to strike this balance, and we appreciate your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or worries about the surcharge.