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We provide Same-day cross city courier, or a rush service, with after hours availability.

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Kamloops Delivery
Providing a leading edge, quick and efficient Kamloops Courier Service.

Kamloops Sameday Courier

Pickup and Delivery

Ship one parcel, or fifty parcels, we'll get it done. We help individuals and businesses across Kamloops

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Sameday delivery from your business

We'll pickup at your location and deliver on the same day, anywhere in Kamloops

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Paperless shipping

Simply log in, provide shipping details, and your courier shows up for the shipments. Easy, Simple, and Efficient.

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Modern Integrations

Have our team deliver for you when you Integrate using Global Food, Woocommerce, and Flipdish. Or send shipments by Excel.

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Are you in need of a Kamloops sameday courier? Are you in a rush to get your package across the city? Whether a last minute business meeting needs the proper documents, birthday gifts need to reach their destination right away, or you're just in general need to ship a package same day; rely on D5Courier. We proudly service Kamloops, BC Canada and surrounding rural areas.

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A gift for your parents? No Problem. Time sensitive Documents? We've got you covered. Medical shipment? Consider it done.

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Easy to use online booking.

Don't mess with paper waybills or slow couriers who are trying to kill their 8 hour shift. We're fully digital. We don't want to waste anyone's time. So we won't waste yours. Our couriers earn by the job, so you know they take your shipments serious, with pride and care.

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E-Mail confirmations for pickup and delivery
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SMS notifications at pickup and delivery
e-mail proof of delivery
E-mail with proof of delivery at shipment completion.

You can be shipping across Kamloops in less than a minute.

If you need a courier in Kamloops, BC, then look no further than D5Courier Service. We provide fast and efficient same-day courier services, local or across town. All deliveries are tracked by GPS and under supervision at all times by our specialized staff. We deliver to all major businesses in Kamloops within hours of requesting your service.

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Kamloops Delivery
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The Courier services you need

Hassle free booking and dependable courier services. Our Kamloops Delivery Booking website has everything you need.

Kamloops package delivery
Rush - Hot Shot Courier Service
When you NEED IT NOW. Use the D5Courier RUSH courier service, and you'll be next in line with your shipment. Available within Kamloops all day long, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it!
delivery sms and email notification
Sameday Courier Service
No rush? Use D5Courier Sameday courier service, for shipments you need moved across the city, delivered before the end of the business day. Have multiple shipments in a dedicated route? Contact us for a quote to see how our services can help you.
kamloops online delivery
Paperless online booking
Create your shipment online and get an instant quote. If you're a contract customer, create your shipment waybill online in seconds. No need for cumbersome paper waybills which get lost and have to be manually filled out.
gps tracked delivery
GPS Tracked Shipments
Each shipment delivery is geo-fenced, ensuring your parcel gets where it's supposed to go, enforcing your delivery requirements.
kamloops afterhours courier
24/7 Support
Afterhours courier shipments are available . Please call for availability before placing your shipment in our booking software.
kamloops local courier
Kamloops Local Courier
We'll Ace your Courier shipments in Kamloops. We're your Best solution for Express shipments. You can login and see your detailed shipments only anytime.

Our most commonly asked questions.

What size of parcels do you accept?

We specialize in small and medium packages and parcels. We will accept oddball freight as long as it remains under 70 pounds and can fit into one of our Smaller cargo vans

How can i make a payment?

We offer credit card payment through our booking website for Kamloops Deliveries. Our couriers generally will not accept cash. All orders must be booked through our booking website :)
If you have a monthly contracted service with us, we will send you a monthly invoice.

Can you deliver right away?

YES! Pick our "Rush" Priority service and we'll dispatch the next available driver to get your shipment across Kamloops

Can you pick up an item from a store?

Yes, of course! Call the store you need the item from, pre-pay for it and tell them D5Courier will be picking it up for you. Then make a booking. Easy!

Have more questions? Click here to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.