Same Day Courier and Last Mile Delivery in Kamloops

Let us take care of your final mile deliveries.

You've got a business to run.

Consider us an extension of your business, providing same day delivery from your business to your customers in Kamloops.

Sameday Courier and Last Mile Delivery services for your business.

We know that running a small business comes with alot of challenges, don't let shipping to your customers in Kamloops be one of them.

We can provide delivery services directly from your business to your customer.

Ship an order a few times a week? or twice a month? We can do that. Simply book your order by noon on our website and one of our couriers will have it picked up and delivered by 6pm.

Ship multiple items every day? If you have a spreadsheet of your shipments, you can e-mail that directly to us, and we'll import the jobs for you into your courier booking account. One of our couriers will be notified automatically and arrange for the shipments to be delivered by 6pm. If you don't have a spreadsheet of your shipments, you can still book the jobs individually in your courier booking software, and one of our couriers will be alerted to pick up the shipments for delivery. If you have a spreadsheet or manifest of deliveries ready the night before, just e-mail it to us and we'll take care of importing the jobs and have one of our couriers ready for pickup the next morning for same day delivery. We are willing to work with you to make the shipment process seamless and easy!

Easy to use online booking.

As a business owner, you and your staff need a simple and fast booking system for your shipments. We provide that! Our booking software even saves frequent shipments so you can create re-occurring bookings as you need them in under a minute.

E-Mail confirmations for pickup and delivery
Drivers instantly notified of your shipment when it's booked
E-mail with proof of delivery at shipment completion.

Shipment history with Proof of Delivery available 24/7

You can access your account at any time, from any device. Need to know who accepted a delivery? What time was it delivered? What was the cost? Where in the delivery chain is your shipment? This is all available in your account.

Easy, simple to use, and efficient courier services for your sameday delivery in Kamloops.

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